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Evacuation Go Bag 

Be prepared by assembling a Go Bag 

Wildfire and Emergency "Go Bag"

Put together your Go Bag and keep it accessible. Keep it light enough to carry on foot and prepare for 72 hours. Each person in your family should have one.

High Visibility Backpack 

Store your supplies as your "Go Bag". Get one for each family member. 


Sturdy Pair of Shoes/Boots

Evacuation alerting and AM/FM weather radio with built in flashlight. Solar, hand-crank, or USB rechargeable lithium battery. Can use AA batteries.

AA Battery Headlamp 

Most headlamps use the smaller AAA batteries.  This headlamp uses the same batteries as the radio (above) and handheld flashlight.


Safety Goggles

Over-The-Glass safety goggles with anti-fog coating. This is one of the most important evacuation safety items.

Safety Goggles.jpg

Flame-Resistant Facemask/Gaiter 

This dedicated gaiter will protect your face and neck while evacuating. Using a cotton one is best as synthetic material can melt.

Face Mask.jpg

Respirator (N95 if possible)

Wear a disposable particulate mask beneath your bandanna or gaiter (above) to prevent inhalation of embers and particulates.


Leather Gloves

Protect your hands on the circumstance hot debris need to be moved from your evacuation route.

Leather Gloves.jpg

5 P's

  • Prescriptions

  • Important Papers (passports, birth certificates, etc.)

  • Cash/Credit Cards

  • People

  • Personal needs

Handheld Flashlight 

This is a compact flashlight that uses the same AA batteries as radio and headlamp above. Bring spare batteries.


Cell Phone/USB Portable Charger 

Four or more days of charging for your cell phone in an emergency. Be sure to pack a spare charging cord/cable.


Water Bottle

Carry at least 32-ounces of water per person while evacuating. Keep additional water in your home for general preparedness.

Water bottle.jpg

First Aid Kit 

Compact first aid kit. Be sure to pack at least 1 week of spare prescription medications.

First Aid .jpg

Dress for Survival

Wearing cotton long sleeved clothes is important and can prevent injury. Below is an image 

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