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What are my responsibilities regarding wildfire preparedness?

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to "Harden their Home and Property." It is the responsibility of communities to prepare for wildfire together. Ultimately, private land should be Wildfire Adapted: structures prepared, defensible space established, and evacuations/shelter in place planning complete. This site can assist you on getting prepared.

What are the responsibilities of public land management agencies?

On public lands, agencies are responsible for maintaining landscapes that are resilient to wildfire's effects. Fire is a destructive force, but also has a regenerative role in natural systems. During the heat of fire season, agencies are focused on rapid containment. In the cooler seasons (spring and fall), they are focused on reintroducing fire to the landscape and reducing hazardous fuel conditions.


Another responsibility of fire management agencies, local fire departments included, is "safe, and effective fire response." This means municipal, county, state, federal, and tribal agencies all work together to prevent and suppress wildfires. 

When should I evacuate?

In Missoula County, there are two stages of evacuation: Warning & Order.


Keep in mind, sometimes there is no time for law enforcement or firefighters to give a warning; be prepared to evacuate early. Prepare your evacuation plan well in advance. Prepare your home and property well before fire season, so you'd be prepared to leave in advance of the fire.


Also, prepare for a scenario where the road to your home is closed while you are away from your home.  Return home only when officials say it is OK to do so.

What is Missoula County's Wildfire Risk

In 2018 Missoula County updated its Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Within that plan, you can find wildfire risk maps and maps of the Wildland-Urban Interface. Additionally, you can visit for an interactive wildfire risk map and search for Missoula County by using the search function.

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