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Private Landowner Mitigation Opportunities

United Way of Missoula County: Wildfire Preparedness Program

Missoula County and United Way apply for grants to help offset costs of fuel mitigation and home ignition zone mitigation. This is a cost-share program where the homeowner is responsible for 50% of the cost of service. Below is more information:​

  • Collaborative program between Missoula County Office of Emergency Management, United Way of Missoula County and local contractors.

  • Available for all private landowners within Missoula County's Wildland-Urban Interface. 

  • Ideal for small acreage (0-10 acre landowners).

  • Tasks include Home Ignition Zone mitigation, hazardous fuel reduction, slash removal.

  • Contact Max Rebholz for details: 406-880-8090 or

Program Steps:

  1. Receive a wildfire risk assessment to determine your eligibility. 

  2. If you're eligible, you will receive treatment guidelines for a contractor to follow. These guidelines will be written out by the professional performing the risk assessment.

  3. Submit the treatment guidelines to local forestry contractors. A forestry contractor list will be provided to you at this time. 

  4. It is recommended to receive at least 3 bids if possible. 

  5. Pay the contractor in full.

  6. Once the work is complete, a final assessment will be conducted.

  7. After approval of cost-share practices, you will be reimbursed for 50% of the project.

Frenchtown Rural Fire Department Fuel Mitigation Program
  • Fuel mitigation program for residents within Frenchtown Rural Fire District's jurisdiction.

  • Reduce flammable vegetation around homeowners structures to make FRFD's rural communities safer for when a wildfire occurs.

Missoula Rural Fire Department Fuel Mitigation Program
  • The Fuel Mitigation Crew works through the summer helping homeowners in the District to reduce the fuels around their homes and make their properties safer and more resilient to wildfire. 

  • The program cuts brush and thins trees on a property to produce defensible space around homes in the wildland urban interface.

  • MRFD crews help 30 to 35 property owners each year with these projects, utilizing grant funding and homeowner matching funds to provide the work.

Bitterroot RC&D Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program
  • Hazardous Fuels Treatment Grant funding may be available to assist private landowners and communities living in the Wildland-Urban Interface within Missoula, Mineral and Ravalli Counties as follows:

  • Assist private landowners and communities reduce hazardous fuels while improving forest health on private lands.

  • Help landowners create and maintain defensible space around their homes from wildland fire, and improve the health and vigor of private forest lands.

  • Improve health and vigor of private forest lands.

NRCS Wildfire Adapted Missoula Project
  • Landowner assistance program to help offset costs of hazardous fuel reduction on private land.
  • Applications are typically received in early March.
Blackfoot Challenge Fuel Reduction Program
  • Grant funds available for landowners throughout the Blackfoot watershed.

  • Cost-share program is typically at a 50/50 cost share.

  • Landowner is responsible for hiring their own contractor or doing the work themselves.

Clearwater Resource Council
  • Provide financial assistance for fuel mitigation for landowners in the Seeley area.

  • Cost-share program is typically at a 50/50 cost share.

  • Landowner should visit their website and complete an application. 

  • CRC will review the application and let you know if you qualify for the program.

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